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Saturday March 16 |  15:05 - 16:35
University Theatre Building | S23

Peter Aers is a philosopher and performer who has been developing a series of conversational performances (gespreksperformances) in the past and is part of the collective Building Conversations.

Erika Sprey is a pratical philosopher, organizer and facilitator who has been involved in local and international activism and participatory art and design projects.

Together with some others they have been working on our new piece "The Pain of Others" that takes the essay of Susan Sontag as a point of departure for a more bodily philosophical reflection on our mediated relation to pain.
Erika Sprey and Peter Aers bring an adapted, an ‘exercise’ version of their conversational performance The Pain of Others to the biennial.

In the conversation piece The Pain of Others, losely referring to Susan Sontag's famous essay 'Regarding the Pain of Others", theater maker and philosopher Peter Aers invites us to make space for different ways in which we could think and talk about pain.

After many interviews and discussions with scientists, dancers, futurologists, psychiatrists, adults and children suffering from psychological and physical illnesses, he poses us some incisive questions: can such an individual experience as pain be shared with a larger community? Does talking about pain actually change our experience our pain?  Peter Aers, Vooruit Resident in Gent, creates unique work at the intersection of performance, participation and reflection. 

The Pain of Others is the fourth part of the series Everything Depends on How a Thing is Thought, where the relationship of the individual to the community is problematised. 

CONCEPT: Peter Aers
CREATION: Peter Aers, Bart Capelle, Melissa Mabesoone, Erika Sprey
WITH AID OF: Vooruit, KAPP, WorkspaceBrussels, Flemish Community
THANKS TO: Wiiny Ang, Amy De Schutter.
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