Ongoing performance installation
Conclusion: Sunday March 17 | 15:05 - 15:35
De Brakke Grond | Steegzaal
The Manifesto Workshop is an open space that holds various materials to create manifestos. In addition to obvious materials such as writing tools and paper, we would also like to offer different fabrics, costumes, musical instruments, glue, printing materials, posters, T-shirts, wood, Lego, etc. (whatever can be found). The central component is a bulletin board to which people are invited to contribute to in a manifesto-group on a specific topic and find allies and opponents.

There will then be the opportunity to perform these manifestos, for which accomplices/performers will be recruited amongst conference delegates.

The aim of this installation is to offer a space for ideals and utopias and thus promote conference participants’ sense for alternatives. The experiment consists in finding out whether participants take hold of this free space or whether it remains unused. If manifestos are produced, they will be presented on the last day of the conference, otherwise the idea would be to discuss why the opportunity was not grasped. 

TOBIAS WINTER (born in 1958) is a freelance director and choreographer in Berlin and Frankfurt in theater and opera. He writes plays and libretti and teaches acting. Since 1990 he has staged several dance and music performances, including Stadt Land Fluss and out of area, with the nodancerscompany, founded in 1995, the Johannespassion by J.S. Bach, Song of Songs for Istanbul 2010, where he also gave workshops on applied dance dramaturgy at the Mimar Sinan University. His opera productions included Acteon by Charpentier, L'Allegro ... by Händel and Dido & Aeneas by Purcell. He developed the form of scenic implants that interweave theater and opera. In 2014, he founded theswarmcompany for further development and research about theater on an international level. He has written and staged for this purpose among other plays 19 Tage Gezipark, Romeos & Julias, antigone - 7 Artikel des Grundgesetz, the soil, irreversible and Das Rauschen
ANNA SEITZ is a trained philosopher and dramaturg who teaches at the Centre for Performance Studies in Bremen and works closely with the Theater of Assemblage (Theater der Versammlung) - one of the very first research theatres in Germany. Theater der Versammlung brings together students and academics from all faculties as well as professional performance practitioners to work in partnership on themes and questions that arise within academic contexts, using various means and methods drawn from performance art and theatre. This results in an intense collaboration with people whose expertise is in a wide range of discourses. The performances that have emerged from this interdisciplinary process have been presented and discussed throughout the German-speaking world and beyond, and in several professional and educational contexts, including businesses, schools, health institutions, and cultural centres. The Performance Studies curriculum at Bremen University is explicitly geared toward training students in the forms and methods of the theatre’s engaged, investigative, and interventionist approach to performance.