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Thursday March 14, 2019 | 13:45 - 15:15
De Brakke Grond | Personnel Canteen

This workshop responds to challenges of dramaturgy as practiced within and in relation to (art) institutions. Institutional dramaturgy is here conceived of as the work on institutional actions - be it in theatres, universities or other social institutions. 

Institutional structures shelter stabilized social relations, while also creating exclusive environments that may act destructively both outside and within their limits. Institutional practitioners need to ask: What are we protecting? Can we stand a thunderstorm?

Can we enable institutions to open their pores; to be changed by the encounters they habitually host, but also by experiences from “out there”? How can we intervene in self-involved institutional attitudes that fail to support and that produce toxic atmospheres? Can we perform reparative work through critical (counter-)contamination?

With the help of selected thinkers and example cases, we will look at questions and possible principles of institutional dramaturgies. Through an exercise of generous listening and opening-up, we want to identify different lacks and desires experienced in institutions. The workshop will offer reflection on why and under what conditions it might be healthy to invite contamination, how institutional dramaturgies can perform such daring intervention, and what kind of attitudes are important for it.
Maria Rößler, freelance dFramaturg. BA in Theatre and Media Studies (Berlin/Dublin), MA International Dramaturgy (Amsterdam/Ghent). Worked for theatre collectives, art festivals and conferences as well as projects of public art institutions and foundations in Germany. 2013-2016 program development and organisation of international performing arts festival 'Foreign Affairs', Berliner Festspiele. 2017 dramaturgical advisor to the multidisciplinary art centre Vooruit, Ghent. Program board of Zürcher Theater Spektakel. Production dramaturgy in transnational collaborations with various theatre makers. Conceptualises artistic programs as well as contextual exchange and reflexion programs. https://mariaroessler.work/en
Nienke Scholts, BA/MA Theatre Studies (Utrecht/Berlin). Practices dramaturgy in relation to other realms than performance alone. Co-creating new forms of art allowed for the co-development of art-practices in the making (since 2007). Dramaturge of Veem House for Performance, developing discursive programs (since 2014.) Researcher at THIRD! a support structure of DAS Research / AHK, pursuing a practice based PhD into alternative practices of organising performing arts. Finalizing publication series Words for the Future. Founder/member of Platform-Scenography. Publishes irregularly, among which: Dramaturges that Do Not Work for a Work in ‘Dramaturgy at Work’ (by K. Georgelou et all, 2017). www.nienkescholts.com
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