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Saturday March 16 | Session 15:05 - 16:35 (20 min)
De Brakke Grond | Grote Zaal
The „ Institut für Polytoxikomanologie und Perspektivismus “ (IPuP) was a performance group and philosophical liveband. It was established to examine and question the borders between philosophy, art and science. For more than three years, roughly between 2010 and 2013 it organized reading groups and philosophical symposia in a post-modern interpretation of the original meaning of the term as a social gathering to discuss, drink and dance.

Inspired by Nietzsches birth of the tragedy and 20th century avant-gardism the IPuP tried to revive the Dionysian underground of philosophy, not only by content, but by and with the situated constellation of different actors in constant companionship with booze. Intentionally intoxicating the audience by giving out free drinks, a central presumption was that the subconscious and physical elements of philosophical cognizance are at least as important as the rational side. Blurring the borders of concert and philosophy, playing with an undistinguishing intertwinedness of sense-and nonsense, the events gathered an increasing audience of whom many not knew, what had hit them - and neither did it’s founders. Too serious for satire, too playful for politics and too propagandistic for philosophy, IPuP felt like passing through an accelerated vanishing line, an independent continuous happening.
To open up the gathered experiences as a source of inspiration for practitioners and scholars alike is the aim of the lecture. It presents a re-view of the IPuP in the form of a reflection on the practical knowledge acquired during this process. It reflects on the methods and experiences used to conflate philosophy, art and ritual and on the community it was able to create.
Florian Schlittgen: Studied philosophy, history and media culture studies at the universities Bremen, Düsseldorf and Vienna. Finished his studies with a master thesis on aesthetics of the simultaneous in contemporary photographs and social media . Worked for various magazines and newspapers, among others for the tageszeitung (taz), vice alps and intro . Is currently working on his dissertation on a media and cultural history of the anonymous.

Philipp Piechura: Studied philosophy, arts and performance studies at the university of Bremen and at Theater der Versammlung , Bremen. Worked as a freelance pedagogue for children with theatre and outdoor games and in the project management of international dance productions. M.A. in sociology on the topic of the housing situation of refugees as a matter of local citizenship. Now works in a research project on digital tools and intercultural participation in the city development.
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