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Saturday March 16 | 16:45 - 17:45 (60 min)
University Theatre Building | University Theatre
For the 2019 Performance Philosophy conference, Daniel Peltz [U.S./Swedish conceptual artist and professor of fine art] and Ioana Jucan [Romanian performance philosopher and theatre director] propose to stage a third version of their most recent collaborative performance lecture as a performance philosophical mode of intervening into institutions as well as into the notion of intervention itself.

Peltz and Jucan’s performance lecture explores the artistic research project Performing Labor, initiated by Peltz in 2016 and emanating his decade-long engagement with the glass factorytown of Rejmyre, Sweden. It involved the implementation and two-year inhabitation of an artistguest-worker program within the Reijmyre glass factory.

The framework of the artist-guestworker program intervened in the construction of labour categories within an active glass factory/craft tourism site and into the spectacle of labor, although the long-duration and Peltz’ open-ended commitment to the site complicate the notion of ‘intervention’ as something an artist performs from an imagined outside position.

Ten artist colleagues joined Peltz in performing the role of the artist guest-worker. The task Peltz gave the artist guest-workers (himself included) was to develop and produce a product line in response to the situation of their own labour and the labour of others around them (tourists, tour guides, glass workers, administrators, shoppers, sales people, museum staff, etc.), resulting in a ‘product catalogue’ that was added to the other product catalogues on the factory break table.

Peltz commissioned Jucan to play the role of ethnographerin-residence inside the artistic-research framework and to write an ethnography of an artistguest-worker period in the Rejmyre Glass Factory. This ethnography in turn led to two collaborative lecture performances staged inside exhibitions of Peltz’s work at the Norrköping Art Museum and Färgfabriken in Stockholm. In these performance lectures, they aimed to access the unconscious of the project through performance and performance philosophy methods.

Ioana Jucan is an artist and researcher working across the fields of theatre and performance studies, philosophy, and media studies. Her artistic work spans theatre directing, multimedia performance, and playwriting. Several of her performance texts are collected in her book, Cosmology of Worlds Apart (NY: O Balthazar Press, 2018). Jucan holds an MA in Philosophy and a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies from Brown University. During her time at Brown, she co-founded and led the Performance (and) Philosophy Working Group affiliated with the Performance Philosophy network. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Sociology and Cultural Organization Leuphana University.

Daniel Peltz is a conceptual artist and professor of Fine Art at the Rhode Island School of Design in the U.S. Through his site-responsive projects and media installations, Peltz explores social systems, attempting to provoke ruptures in the socio/cultural fabric through which new ways of being may emerge and be considered. To accomplish these goals, he uses a range of intervention, ethnographic and performance strategies. His projects often take the form of existing social systems [instant messaging protocols, karaoke bars, political campaigns, parking regulations, guest worker programs etc.] to directly engage non-art audiences with the languages of critical art practice.Since 2009, alongside his art practice, Peltz is co-founder and co-director of Rejmyre Art Lab. His recent works have been supported by a practice-based research grant from the Fulbright Association and residencies at Yaddo [USA], HIAP, IASPIS, Artspace [Australia] and the Cemeti Art House [Indonesia].
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