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Friday March 15 | Session 13:15 - 14:45 (20 min)
University Theatre Building | University Theatre

Considering the Latin origin of ‘intervene’ (intervenire < inter-venire [to come in between]), this paper proposes the act of ‘coming-in-between’ ideas, practices, ideologies, and value systems as a way to critique, create tension with, in-toxicate (sometimes with the intention to ‘kill’, others to ‘heal’), and transform institutions and practices. Using my performanceinstallation Martyro (Toynbee Studios, 2011, Performance Matters Symposium) as the vehicle for discussion, it will suggest that this coming-in-between can create spaces that enable the nuancing of concepts, systems, and affects, and therefore the potential to reimagine and differently materialise them. 

Martyro was concerned with the value and ideological systems of the contexts of its presentation (the Performance Matters Symposium, its theme ‘Trashing Performance’, the performance platform ‘Trash Salon: How to do things with Waste’, and their relation to the contemporary socioeconomic climate) and depended on them for its reading. Drawing on Lauren Berlant’s thinking on affect, Pierre Bourdieu’s on taste, Jeffrey Sconce’s on ‘trash’, and Gay Hawkins’ and Stephen Muecke’s on waste and its relation to value, economics, and the self, I discuss how I created the work to inter-vene in these contexts by both critiquing and queering them. The works’ camouflage strategy, excessive imagery, spillage of meaning, and affective and in-toxicating capacity are discussed alongside its minimalist action as potential strategies to intervene, to come-in-between and undo, nuance, and transform institutions and practices.
Dr Katerina Paramana is an artist, scholar, and Lecturer in Theatre at Brunel University London. Her research is concerned with the social, political, and ethical dimensions of contemporary performance. Her writing has been published with Performance Research, Contemporary Theatre Review, and Dance Research journals, while her performances have been presented in theatres and galleries in the US, UK, and Europe. Recent publications include ‘On Resistance through Ruptures and the Rupture of Resistances’ (Performance Research 19:6), ‘The Contemporary Dance Economy: Problems and Potentials in the Contemporary Neoliberal Moment’ (Dance Research 35:1), and ‘Re-Turning to The Show’ (Performance Research 20:5) www.katerinaparamana.com  
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