Every Thursday in January: Open Space Brainstorm Sessions

In preparation for the upcoming Performance Philosophy Biennial between March 14 and 17 2019, we, the organization team, invite you to take part in our open space brainstorm sessions.

In four sessions, every Thursday in January, we share (four selected) issues that are part of the organization process of this conference, and the questions these issues have brought up. By engaging in conversation together, we want to include and form temporary communities around these topics, starting with the organizational themes of our Biennial, but engaging on the broader level and on the level participants bring to the session. Building up to the conference we aim to share the process and hope to create engagement around these issues.

The sessions are inspired by the Open Space format. For us, this means we follow these principles:
* The participants do not (have to) prepare anything. They come with an open mind and the knowledge/expertise they have, and that is enough.
* We, the organization, formulate clear research questions we want answered. Which means that we are sharing what point we are at with each of these issues and formulate the questions we would like people to engage with.
* There is a time and place set, and the conversation per session is limited to two hours.

Please let us know if you are coming! Send an e-mail to mailto:info@performancephilosophy-amsterdam.nl to sign up for one (or more!) session(s). All sessions are free of charge.

All sessions will be held in a space in the building of the University Theatre, Amsterdam (We’ll confirm which one upon signup)

1| Sustainability and publicity

Thursday January 10, 16-18H

As part of our conference — as is common— we provide information on the programme. Yet, conferences can be producers of a lot of waste. From plastic coffee cups to heaps of paper booklets. How do you avoid the wastefulness of paper and plastic creatively? In particular: Which other forms of communicating the necessary information are there outside of the internet? Which visual interventions in the conference space might help orientation?

2| Access and translation

Thursday January 17, 16-18H

As part of the conference we have invited re-enactments in the original language. How do you make languages other than English accessible? How do you organize an event in multiple languages, while supplying a functional translation, without overwriting the spoken/ performed word? How do you make “other” voices heard in a conference space?

3| Inclusion and child care dramaturgy

Thursday January 24, 16-18H

As part of the conference we provide childcare, for which we are not aware yet of role models. How are academia and children compatible, how do they relate in communication between parents and children? — and in a conference environment? How do the topics of the conference trickle through in conversations between parents and kids? How can a childcare facilitate and stimulate dialogue?

4| Documentation and archive

Thursday January 31, 16-18H

As part of the conference we aim to document/ record contributions and conversations. What is good documentation in a conference environment? How can a conference/ festival archive remain accessible for new knowledge to emerge?