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Thursday March 14, 2019 | 13:45 - 15:15
De Brakke Grond | Rode Zaal
For this workshop I propose a mode of intoxication through a means of physical and mental exhaustion based on an exercise invented by a colleague Diego Agulló which he calls 'Torpedo Fish'.

Philosophy can be a way of mentally walking around a problem andonsidering it from all sides, the format Torpedo Fish is a physical embodying of that practice in order to find other ways of engaging with problems to create a linguistic intoxication and promotes knowing though being in a state of not knowing.

It is a simple act of walking as a group in a circle continuously whilst being in a dialogue through the means of conversing and orientation become challenging so that other kinds of thoughts can appear. Central to the conversations are starter questions such as:

'what ways would you like to intervene in institutions?'

'where are there potential fruitful loop holes within the often restrictiveframework of the instiution?'

The swapping of dialogue partners whilst keeping within the circular motion creates the potential to continue a conversation or start afresh.

The potential for dizziness and disorientation increases the chance of surprising oneself and re-evaluating set ideas and habits. 

Sophia New originally studied Philosophy with Literature and German at Sussex University has an MA in Feminist Performance from Bristol University. She is the co-founder of plan b with Daniel Belasco Rogers they make a wide variety of works in the fields of fine art, performance, new media and sited works: they consider their work to be both site and relationship specific. She has taught on performance courses in Gloucester University, Aberystwyth University and Das Arts in Amsterdam, as well as giving a courses on Urban Interventions with Daniel Belasco Rogers at the Hafen City University Hamburg, Leipzig University and Art school and Bard and University of the Arts in Berlin. She regularly teaches Live Art and Performance with Siegmar Zacharias at Folkwang University for the Arts and in Bochum. Sophia has been teaching at Inter University of the Arts (HZT/UdK) Berlin since 2012 teaching mainly on MA Solo Dance Authorship. 
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