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Friday March 15 | Session 13:15 - 14:45 (20 min)
University Theatre Building | University Theatre

Mi You is a curator and research associate at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. She curated performative programs at Asian Culture Center (Gwangju) and the inaugural Ulaanbaatar International Media Art Festival (2016) taking the silk road as a figuration for deep-time, de-centralized and nomadic imageries. With Binna Choi, she is coinitiator of a long-term research/curation project Unmapping Eurasia (2018-). Her academic interests are in performance philosophy, science and technology studies, and philosophy of immanence in Eastern and Western traditions. Her writings appear in Performance Research, PARSE, MaHKUscript: Journal of Fine Art Research, LEAP, Yishu, among others.
My presentation looks into the idea of the social, commons, collectivity and reproduction through engagements with blockchain technology. Performance is understood here more in an infrastructural sense than presentational. The task for performance philosophy scholars is - and I believe this field is well equipped with such transformative ways of thinking - to remap the front end and back end and project them into current social questions, and situate possible interventions that we derive from performance philosophy. The front end can be a staged presentation, or an appearance of a political figure, or a user interface of any system, while the backend-front end relation stays the same in all of them.

This structure appears to be challenged by recent philosophical, technological, and political discourses around the blockchain. It can (potentially) reconfigure the mechanism of decision making, despite attempts to capture and contain it, or to appropriate it for more selfish, i.e. financial needs.

How can we rethink the production of value, as recent debates around the blockchain rightly reminds us? How do we relate artistic production to the production of knowledge as a kind of debt to the future (Randy Martin)? And how can we conceptualise and enact a kind of social reproduction - as an update to the kinds defined in classical Marxism, perhaps more on a level of expanded consciousness? Or in the recent thinking from Maasumi, a kind of ‘surplus-value of life’: an experienced value that is its own value, worth it for itself.
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