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Thursday March 14 | Session 15:35 - 17:05 University Theatre Building | University Theatre

This is a talking format whereby conference participants are invited to interrupt their usual mode of conference activity to consider the following question: “what’s wrong with us?” (as members of institutions, as academics, as performance philosophy enthusiasts).

According to certain rules of play, we will offer and share the opportunity to listen to, consider and talk about particular difficulties we face in our everyday working lives – as artist philosophers in different contexts. What do we feel intoxicated by in our work in institutions? What infects us in a good way and what do we experience as toxic? What strategies do we know to detoxify? What interventions do we hope for or dream of?

ALICE LAGAAY, Dr. phil., teaches Cultural Philosophy and Aesthetics in the Design Department at Hamburg University of Applied Science. She is a founding member and core convener of the Performance Philosophy network. She is currently working with Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca on The Routledge Companion to Performance Philosophy (due 2019/2020). Latest publication (co-edited with Anna Seitz): Wissen Formen. Performative Akte zwischen Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kunst. Erkundungen mit dem Theater der Versammlung (transcript 2018).

Jörg Holkenbrink directs the Center for Performance Studies at Bremen University and is also the Artistic Director of the Theater of Assemblage (Theater der Versammlung). His work focuses on performance research, cultures of knowledge in dialogue, productions on the interface between academia and art, and the development of production-oriented methods for the handling of literary, documentary and theoretical texts (type of production, dramaturgy). He is in charge of education and advanced training for Performance Studies at Bremen University.
Simon Makhali is a dramaturg and performer at the Center for Performance Studies and the Theater of Assemblage (Theater der Versammlung). His focus within the Center is on event dramaturgy and the performative aspects of teaching and learning. He was part of the conference programme committee at the last biennial Performance Philosophy conference in Prague.

Anna Seitz is a dramatic adviser, philosopher and scholar in Theatre, Film and Media Studies. She studied in Frankfurt am Main and Zürich. As a dramatic adviser, she has realised numerous theatre and dance productions in Germany and abroad. She is very close to completing a  PhD in philosophy focusing on performative research and performance in research. She was also on the programme-planning committee of the 2017 Performance Philosophy conference in Prague and co-edited WISSEN FORMEN. Performative  Akte zwischen Bildung, Wissenschaft  und Kunst. Erkundungen mit dem Theater  der Versammlung (with Alice Lagaay).
The Bremen-based Theater der Versammlung (“Theater of Assemblage”) is one of the very first research theatres in Germany. Based at the Centre for Performance Studies at Bremen University, Theater der Versammlung brings together students and academics from all faculties as well as professional performance practitioners to work in partnership on themes and questions that arise within academic contexts, using various means and methods drawn from performance art and theatre. This results in an intense collaboration with people whose expertise is in a wide range of discourses. The performances that have emerged from this interdisciplinary process have been presented and discussed throughout the German-speaking world and beyond, and in several professional and educational contexts, including businesses, schools, health institutions, and cultural centres. The Performance Studies curriculum at Bremen University is explicitly geared toward training students in the forms and methods of the theatre’s engaged, investigative, and interventionist approach to performance.

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