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Saturday March 16 | 13:15 - 14:45
De Brakke Grond | Steegzaal

“Can philosophical thinking help us in finding out movements according to different selves?” Taking this question as a starting point in this workshop, we will base our search on Bergson’s two different selves and on the paradox of the human condition introduced by Hadot.

If we want to imitate or represent our daily lives’ actions and movements based on our superficial self, we do not need much thinking. We just do it. If, on the other hand, we try to find out movements that reflect our fundamental self, we are in need of some thinking, planning and creating. So, we might ask, “what is the role of philosophy and how does it intervene in mobilizing such a distinction?

Based on immediate data of consciousness and our quest for the two selves, we will try to understand the difference between the perspective of the intellect and the perspective of intuition; the former apprehending the selves as mutually exclusive whereas the latter apprehending their togetherness as reality. By using text, physical movement and discussion, this workshop will aim at exploring the means of expressing our different selves as well as contacting with others’ selves.

We will experiment the similarities and differences between everyday world and perceiving the world qua world as reflected in our movements and conclude that there are not actually two different worlds in themselves and that the difference lies only in the mind of the people. We will also be led to question the implication of assuming different selves and trying to find out different movements accordingly.
  Demet Kurtoğlu Taşdelen is currently Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at Anadolu University. She has written articles combining life, art and philosophy in some Turkish journals and magazines and has been actively involved in contemporary dance. Since 2013, she has been doing performative philosophy in classes, at philosophy conferences and other venues as an invited speaker. She joined PP in 2017 at Prague Conference where she gave a workshop. Within the PP Network she formed the group, Society for Performative Philosophy in Turkey. She organized the French-Turkish bilingual conference entitled “Philosopher-Artist Days” in May 2018 at Anadolu University.

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