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Sunday March 17 | Session 10:45 - 12:15 (20 min)University Theatre Building | University Theatre
Leona Jones is an inter-disciplinary practitioner centred on Word/Sound as event/performance. Leona uses spatiality, audio and field recordings as well as text as she seeks to highlight physicality, location and context, considering them crucial to inter-relationships between maker/word/world. Her commitment to inclusivity, collaboration, research and intuition means she questions definitions, unnoticed boundaries and assumptions. Leona studied Performance Writing (MA) at Dartington/Falmouth University work, and her work has been supported by Arts Councils UK.
Drawing on relationships between spoken, written and written-to-be-read-aloud language this is a new experimental work triggered by the call-out, playing with the collision of writing with live and mediated performance. Using raw material from academic lectures, the work twists how information is presented and experienced, emphasising how considered and constructed language on the page/screen becomes ‘something else’ when shifted from its repository. Words and their context are de-familiarised and reconfigured to leave logocentrism behind, offering a fresh opportunity to listen, experience, reflect, and wonder.
The writing process itself is complex and open-ended. The editorial choice used in constructing this work is a form of listeningwriting, and process itself becomes a performer, playing the instrument of voices that speak the written. Rather than using a narrator, I experiment with using my ‘editorial voice’, ie I ‘write’ this Essay as I de/re-construct my material, and I experience the task whilst I undertake it. In relishing mellifluousness, cacophony, irrationality, sensuality, this work explores how my ‘writing’ is an embodied, fluctuating, challenging, intangible, inebriating sonic event. A form is constructed as I listen to and edit the voices of others, a form open to interpretation, ricocheting and murmuring, swinging and dangling, tantalising both you and I – mental Action uncovered as Sound.

This audio essay is performed with a short intervention by Caroline Wilkins (composer/performer/researcher).

This audio essay will also be available as an audio installation in the foyer of the University Theatre on Sunday, 17 March.

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