Has intervention lost its charm? Over the past decades, we've seen interventions - think Occupy, think Pussy Riot, think WikiLeaks - but what links these phenomena together, and what role do they play in contemporary culture? How do interventions influence our political imagination? Are we merely copying ideas of rebels and hippies from the 1960's, instead of genuinely intervening in the status quo? How can we imagine intervention differently?

INTERVENTION! INTOXICATION? is the 4th Biennial of the Performance Philosophy network and it takes the shape of a research festival and conference. Academics and makers explore the ways in which intervention brings about ideas that were impossible to think before. We ask ourselves: What are the possibilities and forms of intervention today? Can the arts bring about social change?

Research Festival & Conference
March 14-17, 2019
De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

More information on the program and tickets will be published December 2018. Keep posted via Facebook︎