Performance Philosophy in Action

Thursday, October 25
19.00 - 21.00, Goethe Institute
Herengracht 470, Amsterdam

Do we gain or lose by institutionalising art? And what about institutionalising philosophy? Can performance and/or philosophy persevere, possibly even thrive, outside of academia? Have art and philosophy become institutions themselves?

Performance Philosophy is an international research network for the field of Performance Philosophy. The network is open to all researchers concerned with the relationship between performance & philosophy.

Being a network, questions of institutions and institutionalization are relevant to its way of operating. Academic standard formats are challenged in the search for new and interdisciplinary forms of working.

During this evening, Alice Lagaay and Ricarda Franzen take up topics of the changing relationship of the cultural field with institutions, between academia and artistic practice, on the intersection of disciplines. How do art and thinking converge in relation to institutions?

Performance Philosophy in Action is a thematic preview for the 4th Biennial of Performance Philosophy from 14th to 17th March 2019, organised by Performance Philosophy Amsterdam.

Alice Lagaay is professor for Aesthetics and Cultural Philosophy at Hamburg University of Appplied Sciences. Her background is in philosophy, her current research focus is the notion of “creative indifference”, next to being actively involved in the international interdisciplinary field of Performance Philosophy.

Ricarda Franzen is dramaturg, PhD scholar and coordinator of the Masterstudies (International) Dramaturgy at the University of Amsterdam. Her current research focus is on the documentation of performance culture and works with the example of a historical Amsterdam theatre sound archive. Ricarda is one of the local organizers of the 4th Biennial of Performance Philosophy.