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Thursday March 14, 2019 | 13:45 - 15:15 
University Library |  Potgieterzaal

This workshop playfully intervenes in the ‘institutionalized senses’ of its participants to enchant academic practice and spark intellectual innovation. Addressing the fact that the senses of practitioners within academia have undergone years of training to function according to the economy associated with the production of knowledge, we set out to unlearn our sensible limitations. Guided by one of the founders of the collective for conceptual poetry made visual, we open up internalised ways of 1) listening 2) thinking and 3) writing. Participants acquire skills of working differently in terms of how they are using 1) the information that surrounds them, 2) the more personal and introspective voices they have been trained to mute. Testing the belief ‘that philosophy and poetry could solve each other’s problems’ , we will assemble and adopt techniques of conceptual poetry and of the flarf-poetry-movement. These two opposed forms of controversial uninspired writing will serve as the intoxication to (en)counter uninspired listening and uninspired thinking.

Flarf plays Dionysus to Conceptual Writing’s Apollo. ... Flarf is hilarious. Conceptual Writing is dry. ... Choose your poison and embrace your guilty pleasure (Kenneth Goldsmidth).

No specific qualifications are needed by the poets to be. The workshop functions as the conceptual foundation of the poetry it will result in. 

Charlotte Gruber is post-doctoral researcher and visiting professor at Ghent University at the department Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies. She is part of am/sand, a concrete poetry collective. In 2016 she obtained her doctoral degree at Ghent University withThe Other Antigone[s]: Spotting the Différance in Contemporary Tragedy. She holds a B.A. in Culture and Technology (BTU Cottbus, 2010) and earned her M.A in Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam with  distinction (2011). Her thesis Interactions – Actual and Virtual Spaces as Stages of Inter-est was awarded the Theaterscriptieprijs 2012 by the Theater Institute Netherlands (TIN) and is published within the AGENT Series.  
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