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Sunday March 17 | Session 10:45 - 12:15 (20 min)University Theatre Building | University Theatre
This paper inserts itself in the “Intoxicating ways of intervening” line of inquiry as a path to approach Antonin Artaud’s subversive potential inside Performance Philosophy field. Artaud lived in-between “Intoxication & Institution”: as a paradigmatic figure to theatre and performance studies, he is presumably well-known: first, by his “madness”, given he was institutionalized for many years; and second, by his long-term history of substance abuse, an intoxication process that endured his entire life.

Yet, not so well-known is the impact that a nine-month travel through Mexico could had had on his life as a turning point in his work. Curiously, this trip also represents either an institutional intervention, since his engagement on giving three lectures at Universidad Nacional Autónoma del México or a different kind of intoxication when Artaud fled Mexico City searching for the Tarahumaras, a native-American remote tribe known by the ritualistic use of peyote, which resulted in a transformative spiritual experience incessantly pictured in Artaud’s later writings.

Inside such rich context, the main objective here is to discuss if Artaud’s search for a new theatrical language, “between thought and gesture” as well as for a new (“without-organs”-) body, can be polarized inside an immanent aesthetic dimension as product of such spiritual /ritualistic intoxication.

Consequently, the central question is to understand if this experience had impacted his later work in such way that ‘lines of flight’ could virtually and precursory conduct him almost towards the performance philosophy field itself – once that extemporaneous character of Artaud’s work will be a huge and savage influence for many philosophers and performers after him.
Dr. Luciana da Costa Dias works at the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP / BRAZIL). She is a founder member of the Brazilian research group: “APORIA: Philosophy, Performance and Theatre Studies” since 2014 and a Core Convenor from Performance Philosophy Research Network since 2017. Luciana’s research activities are focused on a hermeneutic-phenomenological approach to performance as “immediacy of presence” and her actual research interests are in the (proto) performative aspects of Antonin Artaud’s work.
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