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Sunday March 17 | 15:05 - 15:35
University Theatre Building | University Theatre
The Last Tragedy was originally published in Dutch in 2005 (English translation 2017). A peripheral narrator tells us how four famous actors from the four cultural capitals of Europe—London, Athens, Berlin, and Paris—travel to a famous theatre building in Central Europe to discuss and rehearse “the last tragedy,” a grandiose project that will procure us with “tragedy’s universal annihilation.” It is the ultimate of interventionist theatre, since it aims at pulling the rug from any representational disposition on the stage. In its effort to do so, the play becomes a sardonic commentary on not only the state of theatre, but also on the theatrical politics as we see them being played out in Europe. It is a philosophical play in true Diderot tradition.

Pieter De Buysser is a writer, film and theatre maker, and philosopher. He studied literature and philosophy in Belgium and France, and obtained a Master in Philosophy at the Sorbonne, where he was taught by Alain Badiou, Jacques Rancière, Jacques Derrida, and Jacob Rogozinski.

Piet Defraeye teaches Drama theory and mise en scène at the University of Alberta, and is the (Acting) Director of the Wirth Institute of Austrian and Central European Studies (Edmonton). He has published extensively on contemporary practices, often with philosophical points of departure, including his writing on Peter Handke. A Performance Studies scholar, he examines a variety of cultural discourse for its performative potential. His work on Attila Richard Lukacs is based on G. Bataille’s concept of the heterogeneous in society. He has embarked on a larger research project that focuses on cultural discourse around the figure of Patrice Lumumba, Congo’s first Prime Minister, assassinated in 1961 after 6 months in office. He directed the world premiere of The Last Tragedy for the StageLab Festival, Edmonton (August 2018).  

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