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4th Biennial

Performance Philosophy Conference Amsterdam

Thursday 14 - Sunday 17 March 2019

In this conference we explore how the themes of intoxication, institutions and intervention, the roots of which tend to be associated with the 1960’s, manifest themselves in contemporary philosophical discourses and performative practices as well as in a broader historical and geographical context.

The fourth biennial Performance Philosophy conference takes place in Amsterdam in the year of the 50th anniversary of the so-called "tomato incident" [Aktie Tomaat], in which a 1969 Amsterdam audience of theatregoers performed a historic intervention into the antiquated institution of Dutch theatre by pelting the stage with tomatoes. Instead of celebrating this occasion, we propose viewing it as an opportunity to inquire into the contemporary utility of concepts of intervention, institution and intoxication —i.e. beyond their counter-cultural legacy.

Researchers and practitioners are invited to explore intoxicating ways of intervening in institutions. We welcome contributions on interventions into, within or beyond artistic, educational and academic institutions. 

For more information visit Call for Contributions.

The 4th biennial Performance Philosophy conference is co-organized by the international network Performance Philosophy and Performance Philosophy Amsterdam.