The organizers of the 4th biennial Performance Philosophy conference would like to welcome you to: Between Institution and Intoxication: How does Performance Philosophy Intervene? Researchers and practitioners are invited to explore intoxicating ways of intervening in institutions. We have accepted contributions on interventions into, within or beyond artistic, educational and academic institutions.

Taking place in Amsterdam in the year of the 50th anniversary of the so-called "tomato incident", in which a 1969 Amsterdam audience of theatregoers performed a historic intervention into the antiquated institution of Dutch theatre by pelting the stage with tomatoes, the conference takes as its themes intervention, institution and intoxication. Instead of celebrating this occasion we propose it as an opportunity to inquire into the contemporary utility of these concepts —i.e. beyond their counter-cultural legacy.

In this conference we explore how the themes of Intoxication, Institutions and Intervention, the roots of which tend to be associated with the 1960’s, manifest themselves in contemporary philosophical discourses and performative practices as well as in a broader historical and geographical context. “Altered states” or “altering states” might be central metaphors for an intoxicating turn of interventions into, within or beyond institutions.

To what extent does the metaphor of altered states problematize the hegemony of institutional critique by opening the field up to a dizzying plurality of institutional experiences? In contrast to the Sixties’ rejection and confrontation of "the system", contemporary interventions can be seen as subtle subversions that employ intoxication as a subjunctive strategy of defamiliarization. The 60’s trope of a liberation from institutional structures as symbolic structures of power might be turned on its head by artists embracing, transforming and revaluing new forms of institutions. They do so by intervening in existing institutions from within or by instigating new institutions in ways that are potentially intoxicating.

We look forward to exploring questions about Performance Philosophy’s subversive potential of intervention and invite contributors and participants to think along with us: What are the altered states of the institutions in which Performance Philosophy intervenes? Which modes of engagement does intervention offer? Wavering between defamiliarization and consolidation, which modes are used to intervene in academia and performance practice? Can Performance Philosophy intervene in the logocentric character of philosophy? In which ways can Performance Philosophy, as a field of research into performance as philosophy and vice versa, offer alternative ways of intervening, of working through intervention and thinking intervention itself?

Contributing and participating

The call for contributions closed September 30, 2018. Since then more than 120 contributions in a range of formats were admitted.

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Open Space Brainstorm Sessions
In preparation for the upcoming Performance Philosophy Biennial between March 14 and 17 2019, we, the organization team, invite you to take part in our open space brainstorm sessions. Find the themes & schedule here.

Visitor participation
Day visitors are explicitly invited and are welcomed as active contributors to discussions! For practical information concerning the visits per day or for the full time of the conference, stay tuned.