We are looking for volunteers! 

Are you into performance, art and philosophy? Do you ever wonder if we can (still) change the world - or at least change how “things are usually done”? And do you want to be part of a small team with huge ambitions organising a new event on the brink of academia and art? In that case, we are looking for you!

We are the organisers of INTERVENTION! INTOXICATION? the Performance Philosophy biennial taking place from March 14-17 2019 in de Brakke Grond and the University Theatre, Amsterdam. The event encompasses both a large international conference (150 contributors) and a range of events intended to be of interest to a broader public. Our field is that of Performance Philosophy - an experimental, interdisciplinary approach bringing together philosophical enquiry and artistic practices.

For the months January, February and March we are looking for people to join our team. This could mean a myriad of things, but we are also looking for some specific skills. On a more practical note: our team always gathers on Fridays - so it would be convenient if you have some time off on fridays to convene with the rest.


Do you enjoy communication via social media, the website and newsletters? Do you like to develop images and/or texts provoking, interesting and activating others? Do you have a clue of facebook and instagram? We have some tasks for you.


Are you quick with images, integrating existing basic design into posters, flyers, social campaigns and program booklets? We offer a platform to rehearse this.


Do you see practical do’s and don’t where others are just babbling on about some artistic question? Are you good at getting things done? And are you up for a challenge? We are still looking for fearless producers out there to help us make possible the impossible.

If you are interested, please contact us via sophie@performancephilosophy-amsterdam.nl including a brief statement of interest and if relevant, the type of work you would be interested in (and the estimated time you have available). Our efforts have not yet been awarded with the public funds, so we can’t offer more than a volunteer basis. We do however offer a professional and inspiring work environment for you to gain work experience. We are a core team of three university teachers, philosophers and production experienced women. Working with us will offer you a proper glimpse behind the scenes of the organization of an international academic and public/ art event. We are looking forward for everyone interested in contributing to the organisation / preparation.