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Friday March 15 | Session 15:05 - 16:25 (20 min)
University Theatre Building | University Theatre
Alice Breemen (The Netherlands) graduated in Theatre Studies and Media and Performance Studies (Utrecht University, 2009 & 2011) and Philosophy (Tilburg University, 2013). Currently she is a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam. Her research interests are Performance Philosophy, theatre & ecology, installation art, nonhuman actors and concepts of democracy.
In June 2018, artistic collective Partizan Publik founded the Embassy of the North Sea in The Hague, the political center of The Netherlands. Despite its location near the sea, the actual voice of The North Sea is easily overlooked in political debates held at the institutions in the city.

By placing a mountain of shells on the doorstep of a historical building in The Hague, Partizan Publik intervened in political structures that exclude nonhuman voices.They initiated a meeting of The Parliament of Things – after the philosophical model of Bruno Latour. The theory and invitation for actually practicing this Parliament of Things is still relevant, because it offers a model for a non-hierarchical discussion between all Things.
The Embassy of the North Sea takes a critical stance towards the philosophy of the Anthropocene. In this new geological epoch the actions of humans have caused an altered state of the earth. The project problematizes the notion of representation of human and nonhuman entities in both the political and artistic meaning of the word. The artists use a combination of performance and philosophy, and the boundary between both is not clear-cut.

This paper will connect the intervention of the Embassy of the North Sea to these changing notions of representation. The focus is on how performance and philosophy can intervene in dominant narratives like the one of the Anthropocene, and more specificially on how nonhuman voices can be included in artistic and political institutions.
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