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Saturday March 16 | Session 13:15 - 14:45 (15 min)
De Brakke Grond | Rode Zaal
The voice presented in this NO PAPER PRESENTATION cannot be imagined as separated from any bodily act or matter. It intoxicates all along without an end. This voice emerges out of No Thing (Calcagno 2003). It would not claim to be in a specific relation to gender, class, ethnicity or other classification, yet this voice can be identified as "an imaginary figure of any thing"; a paradoxical voice performed and presented out of unexpected encounters with whatever meaning there might be.

This voice can be traced to 17th century Venetian music drama stages ‐ considered to be a symbol for Nothingness as specifically performed in operatic mad scenes. This NO PAPER presents a development of an artistic doctoral project on 'how to perform vocal nothingness'. In the current study a Baradian (feminist) diffractive methodology is applied, allowing vocal practice to intra-act continuously with any matter or meaning encountered along the road, by "re-diffracting, diffracting anew, in the making of new temporalities (spacetimematterings)".

Through this performative approach VOICE argues that vocal identity can be viewed as an entangled dance ‐ where sound, thoughts, judgements, senses, madness, matter, chaos, vibrations and so on cannot be separated from one another ‐ "endlessly opening itself up to a variety of possible and impossible reconfigurings" (Hinton). The result that emerges from this transspatiotemporal study is a sensuous queering of operatic vocality that allows individuals to experience a monstrous voice as Any Thing or No Thing, following a discourse on Nothingness that had a fundamental impact on 17th century operatic vocality and on the birth of music drama.
Elisabeth L. Belgrano (PhD in Performance in Theatre and Music Drama /vocal performance philosophy) performs based upon multiple differences and entanglements diffracted as follow: CONTEMPORARY PERFORMANCE studies diffracted through 17th century vocal music / recipient of Noah Greenberg Award from The American Musicological Society, 2005 / awarded a PhD in Performance in Theatre and Music Drama in 2011 for Performing Nothingness through Operatic Mad Scenes and Lamentations, Univ. of Gothenburg / supervising and examining through ‘performative methodologies’/ co-­‐directing the Cross-­‐Disciplinary Faculty Group for Performance-­‐Performativity, University of Gothenburg, 2013-­‐15 / currently supervising a PhD fellow at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo / performing at international festivals, symposia & conferences / passionate for paradoxes / loving pedagogical adventures / mad about vocal ornamentation / desiring trust through touch…
Link to BELGRANO’s Artistic Research Portfolio: https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/378762/378763
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